Get Summer Ready With Turfscape

It’s  summer 2017 and our headquarters office in Austin, Texas is facing temperatures in the triple digits! With the sun shining bright and the heat dialing up, it’s more important than ever to be cognitive of your water usage at home.

According to two studies conducted by the American Water Works Association released in 1999 and 2011, water use by single-family residential homes are on the rise- outdoor use especially.  In the study released in 1999, an average annual 84,000 gallons per household were used for outdoor purposes.  In 2011, it rose to 90,300 gallons.  This is over a 7% increase, even after the introduction of high efficiency homes in 2001.  Water use for outdoor applications is significantly higher in the summer months then the rest of the year, averaging 729 gallons per day, per household.  This is equal to showering for 347 minutes.  Of this number, 80%-90% of outdoor water use is dedicated to lawns, gardens, and plants (Hermitte & Mace, 2012).

At Act Global, we worked to engineer a solution to engineer a solution to this excessive water usage.  We believe in the cultivation of a smarter, greener planet-starting at the home.  Our Turfscape line is a high quality, natural-looking artificial grass that is both durable in all weather conditions and versatile in all applications.  Each square foot of regular grass that is replaced with Turfscape saves 55 gallons of water per year- all without the hassle of seasonal maintenance.

So enjoy your summer while helping to make a positive impact on this planet!

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