Turf Estimator


Need help calculating how much turf you’ll need? No problem! We offer tips and instructions below.


How to calculate the amount of turf you’ll need.

Every landscape project is different. To purchase from Turfscape you’ll need to know how much linear feet you’ll need. Please keep in mind all our rolls come in a standard 15′ width.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a fairly rectangular or square space simply measure the length and width. (13’x10′)
  • Multiply those two measurements to get your total square footage. (13’x10’=130sqft)
  • Divide your total square footage by 15. (130sqft/15=8.66)
  • Round up to the nearest whole number. That will give you the total linear feet you’ll need to order from us. (Liner feet to order = 9)