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Act Global’s Turfscape can meet a variety of design and installation methods for playgrounds, parks, commercial landscaping, residential use, rooftops, gardens and more. Turfscape is the trusted brand through a network of professional dealers and installers, designers and architects around the world.


Act Global is a preferred source for landscape contractors and installers that want to buy directly from the manufacturer, obtain marketing support and need to upgrade quality of synthetic turf products. Turfscape can be easily installed for a variety of applications, including playgrounds, parks, pet turf uses, commercial landscaping, homes and more.


Act Global recommends that silica sand be used with artificial landscaping products. This will weigh the turf down to prevent buckling or wrinkling, and help the fibres stand up straight. Common masonry or playground sand may clump when wet and prevent drainage through the turf backing. You may purchase silica sand infill at large hardware or landscape supply stores.


Synthetic Turf Installation Guide Recommendations*

  • Mark the area you wish to install synthetic grass. For a cleaner look, try to limit the amount of seams.
  • Prepare your surface by removing any current landscaping. Level the surface to a slight gradient for drainage purposes.
  • Compact the existing surface with a rented vibrating plate compactor. You can find this at most home improvement stores.
  • For further prevention, spray weed/grass killer and place a weed barrier mesh down on top of the compacted surface.
  • Make sure the surface is completely dry. Add a layer of rock aggregate to form a sub-base of 5-10 cm thick. Your local nursery or builder’s merchant should have good sub-base recommendations.
  • Compact the aggregate sub base.
  • Lay the turf in position with as few seams as possible. (It is a good idea to allow the turf to lie out for 24 hours before permanently installing.)
  • Carefully use a sharp utility knife to trim the turf to fit your yard perfectly. Remember to measure twice, cut once.
  • Seam the turf edges together. The underneath stitches of both pieces should run the same direction. Place 30cm wide seaming tape underneath the seams (15 cm on both sides). Cut the seaming tape the entire length of the turf edge. Lift up the turf and spread seaming glue up and down the seaming tape. Lay the turf edges back down and brush the fibers together to hide the seam. Allow the glue to dry 24 hours.
  • Nail down the turf with galvanized nails or staples approximately 15-25 cm long and approximately 12cm–36 cm apart along the outside edge. Do this all the way around to help secure the position of the turf.
  • Brush the turf in the opposite fiber direction. This makes room for the sand infill. Infill is not required but recommended with all Discount Synthetic Turf products to enhance performance. Use a seed drop spreader with sand infill. Calculate the amount of infill needed. The goal is to leave 12-15 mm of grass fibers exposed (approximately 700gms of sand equals 12.5mm of infill height). Spread the infill in several passes. For each pass, sweep the sand down into the fibers. Repeat the process until complete.
  • For further enhancement you can install edging materials around your new artificial lawn. We recommend stone, rock borders, metal and/or plastic edging.

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