We offer a full line of quality synthetic landscape products to meet the unique and varying needs of our customer base and applications.


High quality, natural-looking synthetic grass offers solutions for lawns, gardens, road medians, pool decks, patios, rooftops, apartments, hotels and much more.

  • Various dentists, heights and styles to match natural surroundings
  • Great for beautifying spaces in dry arid climate
  • Turfscape is compatible with other drought-friendly landscaping


Highly durable and safe for playgrounds child care centers, batting cages, parks and other high use play areas.

  • Non-abrasive
  • Infill optional varieties
  • Highly resilient to withstand heavy use
  • Can be used with shock pads or over hard surfaces (HIC equipment)


Dog owners, kennels and dog trainers can benefit from the durability, ease and cleanliness of artificial pet turf.

  • Maximum drainage
  • Keeps paws and coat clean
  • Helps deter ticks, fleas and other pests
  • Prevents hole digging and brown spots
  • Easy clean-up


Turfscape is an ideal, versatile solution for event spaces and venues, particularly in very hot, rainy or inclement weather. The synthetic turf provides a soft, clean surface throughout, while dust, mud, maintenance, and watering are minimized for the ease of event management and enjoyment of guests.

  • Withstands heavy foot traffic
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete in urban spaces
  • Minimize mud and dust at festivals/events

Saves time and costs required to maintain natural landscape at large festival site. (Check out our 500,000 sq ft install at Rock in Rio USA, Las Vegas.)