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Nestled on the Rio Grande River on the US/Mexico border; El Paso, meaning “the pass” when translated from Spanish, is not the sleepy western town its generally mistaken for. As far west as one can go in America, this large city has ranked as the safest in the US for four consecutive years. )In 2010, El Paso received the All-America City Award).

Visitors from all over the nation and nearby Socorro in Texas, the Mexican cities of Praxedis Guerrero, Ascension and Juarez and the New Mexican towns of Sunland Park, Silver City, and Las Cruces, attend the regular summer festivals hosted by the city. These include Cool Canyon Nights, Music Under the Stars and Alfresco! Fridays.

Too Little Rain

One of the main influences in El Paso’s water savings endeavor is the lack of rain. According to statistics, a typical American city gets an average of 39 inches of rain a year. El Paso only gets 8 to 10 even during La Nia!

The Texan desert-like climate is intensified with long summers and high temperatures of a consistent 95˚ lasting from May to September. There’s almost 300 sunny days annually as opposed to only 23 rainy ones.

El Paso also experiences short winters. Colder temperatures only occur from the end of November to mid-February. While other US cities receive an average of 26 inches of snow yearly, the city only gets approximately 7.

Why Artificial Grass Is A Viable Option For El Paso Residents

While the city’s water savings plan and water rebate incentives have ensured that El Paso will continue to have an efficient water supply despite the population growth for many years to come, certain water restrictions still remain. This includes when the watering of landscape turf or washing of motor vehicles are allowed. Violations are considered misdemeanors and can incur fines ranging from $50 to $500!

If xeriscaping is not an option and a traditional green grassy landscape turf is desired then fake grass is definitely worth consideration.

  • First and foremost, artificial grass requires no water to survive. There will be no ugly brown patches marring the landscape turf due to lack of water. El Paso residents never have to worry about watering their lawns within the relevant limitations. Cash backs on those water rebates offered in Texas are within reach without resorting to xeriscaping. How will the kids and dogs frolick on a rocky terrain?
  • Direct sunlight won’t cause synthetic lawns to fade even in the high temperatures common to El Paso. The loss of color is only characteristic of sub-standard cheap imitations. Our superior warranty-backed UV-protected artificial grass will rival the brilliant intensity of even the best maintained multi-purpose sports field turf or golf estate’s putting greens any day.
  • Synthetic lawns are lead-free and 100% safe for both children and pets.
  • Artificial grass requires no maintenance such as mowing or the purchase of insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers.

El Paso residents can have the best of both of both worlds today! Simply visit our online store or call a friendly consultant for a quotation for the installation of a greatly suited, all-weather, water-saving synthetic turf landscape.

In Conclusion:  The Benefits of Turfscape Artificial Grass & Synthetic Lawns

  • Green lawn all year round: Synthetic grass and artificial lawns stay green 365 days a year.
  • Child & animal friendly: Artificial grass is child, pet, dog and cat friendly.
  • Great environmental benefits: Artificial grass and synthetic turf saves water, eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Low maintenance: Homeowners no longer need to purchase expensive mowing equipment, or mow their lawns.
  • Saves water: A typical synthetic lawn of 1,800 square feet of artificial grass can save up to 56,000 gallons of water a year, which means the city of Albuquerque can save millions of gallons of water a year.
  • US manufactured: Turfscape artificial grass is made by a USA manufacturer; one of the world’s largest.
  • Increase property value: Synthetic turf and artificial grass is a long-term investment which increase the value of your property. Therefore, ensure your lawn’s artificial grass is bought from the best, with a full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • ISP 9001 friendly manufacturer: Don’t buy cheap. Imitation fake grass products are amply available. Turfscape synthetic turf and artificial grass are although made in an ISO 9001 factory, have been tested to ASTM quality methods, and has PROVEN durability and UV protection against long-term fading or failing.

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is the perfect solution for yards, lawns of any size, pets, playgrounds, landscaping, putting greens (golf) and multiple sports field turf uses.

Cost:  The cost of synthetic lawns for greens, front or back yards, playgrounds and sport fields will depend upon the area size, and the type of turf selected. Kindly contact us for a full consultation and advice.

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Our El Paso metropolitan service area includes Anthony, Clint, Dell City, Horizon City, San Elizario, Sierra Blanca, and Socorro. 


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