Maintenance Tip: Removing Debris from Synthetic Grass

One of the key benefits of choosing an artificial lawn is that it looks pristine all year with extremely minimal maintenance.  Artificial grass does not require constant watering, mowing, or usage of fertilizers/pesticides, meaning you have more time to actually enjoy your yard. However, inevitable maintenance is needed to manage debris that fall onto your lawn.

Depending on where you live and what part of the year it is, dirt, leaves, and other debris

To keep your yard visually appealing, it is important to clean it as needed.  However, when you have a yard composed of synthetic turf, it is important to use the correct tools so that you do not damage the grass fibers.  A standard plastic rake and leaf blower are recommended.  You should never use a metal or wire rake- this can tear the fibers.  Both a plastic rake and a leaf blower will remove any organic debris with ease.

It is also recommended that you regularly brush the fibers with a stiff boom brush.  This helps keep the blades in an upright position and maintain even infill levels.

Artificial turf is an easy and convenient option for those looking to have a beautiful yard year-round without the hassle or costs of weekly maintenance.

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