Installation Tip: Seaming

Installing Turfscape yourself is completely do-able with the proper materials and tips.  Self-installation is a cost-effective way to achieve a low-maintenance landscape while increasing curb appeal and property value.  Turfscape is also the perfect solution for conscious consumers wishing to cut down their water usage and eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

The next tip we have in our succession for your own perfect installation comes in the seaming process.  Seaming comes after the turf has been cut to fit up against the edges of a landscape boundary.  Seaming occurs where two pieces of turf are glued together with outdoor carpet glue and seaming tape.  You can always hire a local carpet installer to help with the process, but if you choose to do it yourself, we recommend the following tip:

The pattern of the turf stitching on the underside must run in the same direction as the seaming tape before the two pieces of turf are adhered.  Before adhering both pieces of turf ensure that both the edges have been properly trimmed, are straight, and will match up perfectly.    

This will ensure a flawless and unnoticeable seam.

 Achieving and maintaining a perfect yard or outdoor area is easy with Turfscape.  With proper installation and minimal routine maintenance, your outdoor space can look picture perfect all year round. 

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