Artificial Grass and the Environment

As temperatures continue to be blisteringly hot, most cities have in place certain water restrictions or are facing water shortages.  Across the country, water remains the single most fundamental, necessary, and precious natural resource we have available.  However, despite spanning 71% of the Earth, just 1% of the water readily available to us is the freshwater we need.  This extremely small amount of usable water is becoming scarcer in the 21st century as the world’s population multiplies and urbanization increases. 

The Daily Texan reported an aggregate risk assessment by Science Advances which found that temperature changes predicted in this century push megadrought risk between 70%-90%.  This means that it is not a matter of if, but when severe weather patterns such as catastrophic droughts will hit.  Because of this, it is essential to take steps now to alleviate risks and conserve our most essential resource.  In residential settings, an average of 50%-90% of water use is dedicated to outdoor/yard use (dependent on location and time of year). 

Water use for outdoor applications is significantly higher in the summer months, averaging 729 gallons per day, per household.  This is equivalent to running a shower for just over 5 hours and 45 minutes.  Some cities are recognizing the need provide residents with better tools to reduce this umber. 

Turfscape Leisure Estate Artificial Grass

Orange County, California is leading a movement to partially or completely get rid of grass yards and replace them with an environmentally friendly landscape.  A series of workshops run by Orange County Coastkeeper educates residents on how to create an outdoor space that uses significantly less water resources.  This can be done with the introduction of both native and more desert style plants, as well artificial grass for those that want to keep a green yard. 

A single square foot of synthetic turf saves an average of 55 gallons of water every year.  This means that the average U.S. yard- 6,098 square feet- made up of fake grass could save 335,390 gallons of water each year, and millions of gallons in its lifetime.  At Act Global, we work to engineer a solution to this excessive water usage.  We believe in the cultivation of a smarter, greener planet-starting at the home.  Our Turfscape line is a high quality, natural-looking artificial grass that is both durable in all weather conditions and versatile in all applications.

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