Relax more with easy maintenance

With Turfscape, there is no need to perform the seasonal maintenance that comes with natural grass. However, to get the maximum enjoyment from your turf, we recommend keeping the following guidelines in mind.

Xtreme Lawn Maintenance


Remove debris such as leaves and branches from the surface using a leaf blower or a plastic rake. Do not use a rake with metal or wire bristles on the turf—this can tear the fibers. Occasionally use a stiff broom brush to rake the fibers against the grain, paying attention to high traffic areas. In areas where rainfall is scarce, you may lightly spray Turfscape occasionally to help flush debris, allergens and other airborne buildup that might accumulate on the turf.


If you spill sticky or staining substances on your turf, clean the area promptly. You may use a mop with a diluted mild detergent. Do not use cleaners that contain chlorine bleaches or highly acidic cleansers. Rinse area thoroughly following mopping with clean water to remove soap residue.

  • Oil-based stains (motor oil and grease, cooking oil, suntan oil): Use a grease spot remover (perchlorethylene, dry cleaning solution).
  • Sticky substances (chewing gum, tree sap, etc.): Use a dry cleaning fluid as mentioned above, or remove by freezing.


Allow snow and ice to melt and drain naturally through the artificial grass. Do not try to break the ice or use a shovel on the turf as this can break the frozen grass fibers or turf backing.


Although Turfscape is flame resistant, flames or sparks can fuse the fibers together and harm the turf. Be careful when lighting fireworks, barbecuing or smoking near your Turfscape.