Turfscape and the Power of Water

Photo Courtesy of Water.org

Artificial grass is a smart environmental choice not only for your lawn but also for the world. Turfscape is dedicated to making choices that benefit our local and world communities, which is why Act Global donates a portion of every Turfscape purchase to Water.org. Water.org is an American non-profit aid organization dedicated to giving third world countries access to clean drinking water. There are 2.5 billion people in the world without access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.  Water.org has worked for over 25 years with the passion and purpose to change this statistic. To date, Water.org has empowered more than 9 million people with access to safe water and sanitation

Water Conservation Back Home

Water conservation is a passion for Turfscape. Our products help homeowners and businesses reduce water use while still maintaining a visually lush lawn. Despite the national water shortages, the EPA estimates that nationwide landscape irrigation accounts for almost one-third of all residential water use – more than 7 billion gallons of water per day. The agency also estimates that 33.2 million tons of yard trimmings were generated in 2009, the third largest component of municipal solid waste landfills. As of 2012, the total amount of water conserved by synthetic turf in North America was over six billion gallons, along with the elimination of nearly a billion pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Act Global is committed to continuous investments in maintaining environmentally sound products through responsibly sourced raw materials, recyclable coatings, and eco-friendly infills. Turfscape artificial grass helps homeowners effect change in water conservation and reduce their contribution to the worldwide problem. 

There are many benefits of switching to artificial grass, but water conservation is utmost.  By donating profits to Water.org, Turfscape is committed to doing our part to bring clean, sanitized water to everyone. With your help, we can make this change. After all, every drop counts.

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