New Installation: Encouraging Child Play

Little Steps Preschool recently took the initiative to reduce their environmental impact with a playground that is durable enough outplay any child. When searching for the right surface, the southern California school’s top priority was for the artificial grass to be safe for children.  Turfscape was selected for its high-quality materials that eliminate the need for fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that children would otherwise come in contact with while playing in the grass.  Since the completion of the installation, the preschool has been thrilled with the positive impact that the Turfscape system has had in their student’s ability to play. 

Artificial Grass makes practical sense to carpet play areas. Top-quality systems from Turfscape eliminate grass-related allergies and stains while increasing play time.  By removing the risk of mud after rainfall, the children of Little Steps are able to play outside everyday of the year.

This beautiful installation was achieved by our Beverly Hills partner, Turfscape Westside.  Turfscape Westside is dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing the highest-caliber customer service while supplying and installing a superior product. Turfscape Westside has adopted a method of both art and science to continuously explore more efficient means of installation. Turfscape Westside is a full-service landscape service with the objective to transform your yard.

Turfscape is the authentic artificial landscape grass by Act Global. This brand of turf represents environmentally friendly, natural-looking synthetic grass solutions for lawns, road medians, pool decks, patios, rooftops, apartments, hotels and more.

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