Maintenance Tip: Watering and Brushing

Xtreme Lawn MaintenanceTo maximize the enjoyment and investment of a Turfscape lawn, proper maintenance is needed.  While synthetic turf requires minimal effort, to keep your yard visually appealing, it is important to spray down and brush out the surface as needed. 

In order to help flush debris, allergens and other airborne buildups that might accumulate on the turf, we recommend lightly spraying Turfscape with water.  This is especially important in areas with scarce rainfall.  Artificial grass does not require the same long, daily waterings that a natural grass yard requires, but rather light waterings for cleaning purposes as needed.  

It is also recommended to groom the surface and maintain infill levels for the fibers to lay in the best position.  To brush the surface, use a stiff broom brush to take the fibers against the grain, paying special attention to high traffic areas.  Regular brushing like this helps maintain uniform infill levels, keep the grass fibers upright, remove debris, and improve long-term appearance and performance. 

If your artificial yard of landscape receives high traffic, it is subject to greater infill displacement.  These simple maintenance hacks are even more crucial in this circumstance.  Artificial turf is an easy and convenient option for those looking to have a beautiful yard year-round without the hassle or costs of weekly maintenance.  Our Turfscape line is a high quality, natural-looking artificial grass that is both durable in all weather conditions and versatile in all applications.

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