Maintenance Tip: Pet Cleanup

Maintaining your Turfscape synthetic landscape helps maximize the appearance, durability, and longevity of your lawn and avoid degradation of heavily used areas and compaction of your infill.  Keeping your Turfscape yard in good condition will aid in maximizing the enjoyment and investment while improving curb appeal and increasing your property value. 

Turf used specifically for pets is easy to take care of and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up in certain spots.  Turfscape is extremely pet-friendly because it allows for easy clean up of pet waste similar to that of natural grass.  However, an artificial grass landscape allows you to easily spray away debris with a hose, helping keep your yard both clean and sanitary.  For yards that receive high use from pets, such as kennels, a product designed to remove bacteria and odors could be advantageous.  Either a diluted bleach solution or a per-safe cleaner (Simply Green or Nature’s Miracle) would sanitize the surface without harming the grass fibers.  

Turfscape is a perfect solution for dog owners, kennels, and dog trainers who demand a durable grass surface that is easy to take care of and keeps clean.  The artificial grass pet turf helps keep paws and coats clean, aids in the deterrence ticks, fleas, and other pets, and inhibits hole digging and brown spots.  This means that both you and your pet will get to have the benefit of a lush landscape from Turfscape that stays beautiful all year, for years to come. 

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