Installation Tip: Let the Fibers Relax Before Trimming

A yard made of artificial grass can raise the bar of your landscaping in terms of strength and beauty.  An investment in landscape turf can raise property value, save water, and yield an average ROI of 2 to 4 years.  Act Global’s high-quality Turfscape grass is perfect for all outdoor areas from residential homes and commercial facilities, to play areas, to festival and event spaces, and pet areas.  Turfscape artificial grass pairs the durability of sports turf with natural aesthetics for unrivaled strength and beauty in your landscape. 

Another benefit of a synthetic lawn is that it is extremely low maintenance and needs minimal grooming.  However, for Turfscape to look pristine for years to come, the right installation is necessary.  With the right tips and tools, you can install your new yard yourself, or you can hire a professional team.  Whichever option is right for you, we have an installation guide on our website that can walk you through the proper process.  After you have created a smooth, even base for the turf to be installed on and before you begin trimming the turf to size, it is crucial to roll out the turf the day before installation.  This step allows the fibers to relax to a natural, upright position.  This step will help the infill lay more evenly as well as lend to a superior looking yard. 

Achieving and maintaining a perfect yard or outdoor area is easy with Turfscape.  With proper installation and minimal routine maintenance, your outdoor space can look picture perfect all year round.  

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