Installation Tip: How to Achieve the Perfect Infill

The final step in installing the perfect Turfscape artificial landscape is to disseminate the infill across the yard.  Infill is an important component of synthetic grass as it helps weigh the turf down and stabilize the fibers to avoid a matted effect.  This provides your outdoor green areas a necessary stability, uniformity, and resiliency to look pristine in all seasons, for years to come.  It is critical to choose a silica sand infill rather than playground sand to avoid possible clumping and clogging of the drainage system. 

It could be helpful calculate the necessary infill amount in advance to ensure that the proper amount is added.  It is standard to leave 5/8″ (+/- 1/8″) of the grass blades exposed.  A pound and a half of sand is equivalent to 1/2″ infill height per square foot.  A pound of 10-20 mesh rubber is equivalent to 1/2″ infill height per square foot.