Aurora, Colorado Public Park’s Synthetic Landscape

Hoops Park is a no-frills basketball park located in Aurora, Colorado.  The 1.4-acre outdoor space features three regulation size basketball courts for the community’s recreational use.  Serious amateur ballers love the park for its simplicity, cleanliness, and well-maintained structure.  The facility has earned a 4.4 rating and ravings reviews. 

“To this day, my favorite place to hoop with others and great for self-training” -Aurora Local Guide.

As a suburb of Denver, Aurora enjoys exceptional year-round weather that allows residents to take part in outdoor activity almost every day out of the year.  However, Aurora suffers from a dry climate with low precipitation levels throughout the year that causes vegetation such as deciduous trees to remain bare seven months out of the year. 

In an effort to both conserve water and easily maintain a lush, green landscape, Hoops Park took the initiative in 2015 to install top-quality artificial grass from Turfscape.  The areas carpeted with synthetic grass does not require weekly mowing and weeding, or seasonal fertilization.  The grass offers long-term durability with the look and comfort of a plush natural lawn. 

Turfscape offers a new era in landscape enhancement by allowing homeowners and business owners to spend more time enjoying their yard and less time tending to it. 

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