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The City of Fresno is California’s fifth largest city. In the days gone by, this small town used to be a stopover for the Central Pacific Railroad. Today, it has grown into a bustling metropolis and a hub of agriculture.

The city, right in the center of Fresno County’s farms, stands out in relief against the contrasting green backdrop of the sprawling farmlands producing organic foods, such as tomatoes, peaches, almonds, pistachios and others. 

Fresno is considered the gateway to Sierra National Forest, the Sequoia National Park and the Kings Canyon National Park. It also provides a smooth access to Yosemite from Southern California.

Our Fresno metropolitan service area includes: Clovis, Coalinga, Firebaugh, Fowler, Fresno, Huron, Kerman, Kingsburg, Mendota, Orange Cove, Parlier, Reedley, San Joaquin, Sanger, and Selma.

The greening of Fresno

With a profusion of farming, Fresno’s countryside is full of profusely growing crops and green foliage. However, the city’s residential and commercial areas possess greenery, especially the garden patches, that leaves much to be desired.

Artificial grass in residential premises and commercial complexes is getting accepted as an easy and efficient way of beautification.

Being all weather, its uniform lush green appearance does not fade or become variegated.

The fake grass is multipurpose. Ideal for residential premises, the synthetic lawns are most preferred by children and adults alike. What’s more, even pets, such as dogs and cats, fall in love with this pet turf.

Not only kids and pets, but athletes and players too swear by sports field turf. The synthetic grass has proved most suitable for putting greens of the golf courses,baseball diamonds and other playing surface. It has also proved perfect for playgrounds and school yards. Even commercial complexes are increasingly going in for landscape turf for landscaping their premises.

Last but not the least, the artificial grass is totally environmental-friendly, since it requires no pesticides or other chemicals to keep the pests away. It is also lead free. These features makes this synthetic turf totally pollution-free.

However, the best part is this fake grass does not require water. This results in substantial water savings and also make the residents eligible for water rebate.

In Conclusion: The Benefits of Turfscape Artificial Grass & Synthetic Lawns

  • Green lawn all year round: Synthetic grass and artificial lawns stay green 365 days a year.
  • Child & animal friendly: Artificial grass is child, pet, dog and cat friendly.
  • Great environmental benefits: Artificial grass and synthetic turf saves water, eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Low maintenance: Homeowners no longer need to purchase expensive mowing equipment, or mow their lawns.
  • Saves water: A typical synthetic lawn of 1,800 square feet of artificial grass can save up to 56,000 gallons of water a year, which means the city of Albuquerque can save millions of gallons of water a year.
  • US manufactured: Turfscape artificial grass is made by a USA manufacturer; one of the world’s largest.
  • Increase property value: Synthetic turf and artificial grass is a long-term investment which increase the value of your property. Therefore, ensure your lawn’s artificial grass is bought from the best, with a full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • ISP 9001 friendly manufacturer: Don’t buy cheap. Imitation fake grass products are amply available. Turfscape synthetic turf and artificial grass are although made in an ISO 9001 factory, have been tested to ASTM quality methods, and has PROVEN durability and UV protection against long-term fading or failing.

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is the perfect solution for yards, lawns of any size, pets, playgrounds, landscaping, putting greens (golf) and multiple sports field turf uses.

Cost:  The cost of synthetic lawns for greens, front or back yards, playgrounds and sport fields will depend upon the area size, and the type of turf selected. Kindly contact us for a full consultation and advice.


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